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So you’re a certified personal trainer, but you know you need to keep learning? We understand. Once we were certified, we kept working with clients who challenged us and our skills. And we’re grateful for them, because it helped us go deeper and learn more about the human body. It’s critical to keep learning and continue getting better in this competitive field. 

When you learn online, you tap into...

  • The convenience of learning at your own pace, any time you want, for as long as you want. As long as you have a WiFi connection, you can turn any coffee shop, hotel, or make-shift home office into a classroom. If you want to power through our materials in one day, you can, or you can spread them out as you please. 
  • The chance to really learn the material. Our online continuing education courses require you to pass quizzes in order to maximize retention. This forces you to be more involved with the course and the material so that you can get the certificate of completion.
  • A variety of learning strategies. Our online course features articles, videos, online webinars, and more. There is something for every type of learner. 
  • ​Lifetime access to our course. This allows you to utilize the material as you need to, while staying connected. 

I have been taking DTS Fitness Education courses since 2011. The reason I continue to choose DTS is simple – it’s a hands-on approach that doesn’t fail. The amount of knowledge and confidence I experienced after walking out of a DTS certification is unparalleled. And it’s something you want and can apply during your very next client session. DTS truly delivers a world-class experience and I would highly recommend their courses to all health professionals! - Jamie

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I chose DTS Fitness Education because they consistently deliver excellent courses packed full of pertinent, up to date information that is instantly applicable to my clients. Their instructors are among the best I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. The experience is professional and fun from beginning to end. I found DTS Level 1 to be the absolute best entry level course for new trainers. It provides a clear system and process to assess and correct movement in any client. I would highly recommend DTS level 1 Certification as the standard for all new trainers.

- Paul

"Knowledge on its own isn't powerful; Its the application of knowledge that makes it truly powerful."

Aside from how amazing, thorough, informative, and applicable these courses are, more than anything they are FUN. As someone with a short attention span, I appreciate the hands on approach and the enthusiasm that the DTS team and course content bring.  

I’ve taken dts level 1, hypertrophy, and striking and every time I’ve completed a course I walk away excited and overflowing with new information. These courses really make you fall in love with your profession all over again.

- Maggie

Class photo in front of whiteboard and notes

About DTS Fitness Education

DTS Fitness Education is an award-winning continuing education provider. The company has been leading the fitness industry on a path towards longevity and pain-free movement for everyone. Our courses are designed to not just teach, but to coach real-world trainers how to effectively implement everything that they learn. We believe that it is the practical application of knowledge that makes knowledge so powerful.

Our Guarantee

We proudly commit to not just teach, but to coach real-world trainers how to effectively implement everything that they learn. Now you tell us...was it worth it? If yes, you earn another notch on the continuing education belt. If no, and you completed the course in its entirety, we will give you a full refund. That’s our promise. Work with DTS for 30 days and if you’re not happy with what you learn after you complete the course, we’ll give you every penny back. *Please note that no refunds are offered on digital download products

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DTS simply has produced only quality content. Their courses not only expand knowledge but reminds us what the world of training is supposed to be like. They teach with integrity, practice what they preach, are constantly looking to better themselves, their colleagues, and especially their students. Every instructor cares about you getting the most from the course you take so when you get back to your clients you are IMMEDIATELY a better professional. I have taken FST, Olympic lifting, attended business seminars, and I'm constantly impressed by the devotion of this staff. Thank you for being a consistent source of knowledge

- Andrew